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Site Audit

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$ wget -c -P /tmp
$ tar xzvf /tmp/site_audit-7.x-1.16.tar.gz -C ~/.drush
$ drush help --filter=site_audit
Tools for auditing a Drupal site: (site_audit)
 audit_all (aa)        Executes every Site Audit Report
 audit_best_practices  Audit best practices used.
 audit_block (ab)      Audit Block.
 audit_cache (ac)      Audit Drupal's caching settings.
 audit_codebase (acb)  Audit the codebase.
 audit_content (acn)   Audit content.
 audit_cron (acr)      Audit cron.
 audit_database (ad)   Report information about a site environment's database.
 audit_extensions      Audit extensions (modules and themes).
 audit_front_end       Analyze a site's front end performance.
 audit_insights (agi)  Analyze a site using Google PageSpeed Insights.
 audit_roles (ar)      Audit Roles.
 audit_security        Audit the site for known security vulnerabilities.
 audit_status (as)     Audit Drupal's built-in status report.
 audit_users (au)      Audit Users.
 audit_views (av)      Audit Views.
 audit_watchdog (aw)   Audit the database logs.
 site-audit-version    Show the Site Audit version.